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    Wellenfelder, Installation 2012

    wire, canvas, sinus tones, electronics | realized with kind support by grants of kulturstiftung des freistaates sachsen and landeshauptstadt dresden. Three objects made of canvas are assembled with 4300 pieces of wire. The wire becomes excited by a sequence of sinus tone glissandi at very low frequencies. The frequencies are not audible but visible as „standing waves“ along each piece of wire. Because of slightly different lengths, each piece of wire resonates at different frequency ranges. This way movements of sound can be perceived visually over the objects. Emerging from a single sound source, a visually perceptable micropolyphony becomes realized. The installation forms a spacial cluster that shows a transition between movement and sound. It creates a concept of sound as movement between the audible and the visual perception – An oscillation between the senses.
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